Punch Hooking

I have been an Oxford Certified Punch Hooking Teacher since 2014 I teach workshops and also stock a full range of Oxford Punch Needles boxed and unboxed. Monks Cloth the perfect foundation and the one we recommend for Punching into. Linen an alternative foundation for Punch hooking. Punch Hooking frames from small to large and pin gripper and regular gripper. See frames.

 Here are a few tips before you start Punch Hooking these notes will help you decide which hook ,backing and frame are most suitable for you. Punching is a fun and easy technique using yarn and/or material. If you are a yarnaholic there is no better way to use your yarn stash to create beautiful cushions, hangings and rugs for the floor.

Once you have chosen your Punch Needle size it is really important to have the correct foundation and frame to make this technique pure pleasure.

To making punching easy it is essential to  have your foundation very taut in a frame. You may find your gripper lap frame suitable if you have one. Or the Punch Gripper frames are ideal. It is best to punch into Monks Cloth the cotton foundation it is perfect for punching.  Regular hessian is not suitable the loops pop out and the threads can sometimes break very frustrating.   Linen is also suitable.

Punch Hooking works up very quickly and is ideal for using yarns and material. If you suffer with aching hands and wrists this is a great technique to use.  To get started you will need a Punch Hook,  Monks Cloth,  Punch Hooking Frame  (see frames)

Oxford Punch Hooks

There are 8 different needle sizes the number gives the height of the loop and Fine Needles are for finer yarn and Regular Needles for thicker yarn or material.

Guidelines for yarn and material

Regular is for yarn or material from Aran up to Chunky yarn  or  material #6 cut =  3/16th” to  #8 cut = 1/4”cut .
Fine is for yarn up to Aran/Chunky weight.
N.B.You can use several strands of yarn to make up to chunky

#8 Regular Aran to Chunky yarn makes 1/2” high loop

#8 Fine up to Aran makes 1/2“ high loop

#9 Regular Aran to Chunky yarn makes 3/8” high loop

9 Fine up to Aran makes 3/8” high loop

#10 Regular Aran to Chunky yarn makes 1/4” high loop

10 Fine up to Aran makes 1/4”high loop

#13 Fine up to Aran makes 3/16th high loop

#14 Fine up to Aran makes 1/8 high loop

The most popular  ‘starter’ size hook is #10 Regular.

Boxed Hooks £27 each plus p&p with 32 page instruction booklet and stitch gauge

Unboxed £24 each plus p&p no instructions

Cone Ornament
Spring Flowers Punched with #10 and the background punched with #14 giving a 3d effect