HoopHookers Hoop comes in two sizes 14″ and 16″

Very light, easy to carry – perfect for the travelling rug maker and suitable for beginners.       14″  Price £27.50 16″ £29.50 p&p £5.95

Lap Frames with Gripper

Both frames are fabulous to work on with the bonus of gripper that keeps your hessian/ foundation taut and the tilt and turn to get a comfy hooking position. Every Hookers dream! The frame shape is your personal choice they both work very well.

N.B. with these frames you lay your foundation (hessian, linen, monks cloth) over the gripper and gently stretch it over the frame and the gripper holds it in place making hooking much easier. The GP frame is also suitable for Punch Hooking larger pieces, the gripper is much more gentle than regular gripper and allows you to move your work along without ripping your punching out.

  • GP Rectangular Lap Frame with gripper.
  • Gives a hooking or punching area of 12 1/2″ x 15 1/2″. Fabulous general purpose frame suitable for both hooking and punch hooking, slip pad base, tilts back to adjustable height, base tray to hold tools, gripper cover and folds flat for easy travel and storage.  Now with a general purpose gripper making it suitable for punch hooking.  I am thrilled with this frame great news for punchers £232 plus p&p £15 

img_2032 img_2029                                                                                                                                        




  • Octagonal Lap Frame 12″wide fabulous foldable frame adjustable height and rotating frame. It rotates to the left or right making hooking in all directions very easy. It folds down to make it portable to carry. £268 plus £15 p&p

Octagonal Lap Frame

  • Punch Hooking Frames with pin Gripper holds Monks Cloth taut for punching any size cushion, rug or wallhanging.
  • Small Frame 12”x12” £12.00 p&p £3.20
  • Medium frame 16″x16″ £30 p&p £6
  • Large Frame 21″x29″ £44 p&p £13  

IMG_0543   Punch Frame

 Punch Hooking Frame with Regular Gripper holds Monks Cloth taut for punching any size cushion, rug or wallhanging. Fabulous little frame. Frame size 14″x14” £145 p&p £6