Hand Dyed

Hand Dyed Material

Vibrant hand-dyed colours in a choice of Fine Wool, Woollen Blanket and Nylon Hose material. Hand dyed swatches help create wonderful effects and enhance your hooking and prodding. Choose fine, blanket or hose material in Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Turquoise, Orange, Gold, and Yellow.

 Fine Wool                                                                                                                                    Choose fine, blanket or hose material quality new wool, great for hooking and will give good results in Proddy

  • Swatch 16”x14” £5.00
  • Swatch 34’’x14’’ £10.00
  • 1/2yd £20.00
  • 1 yd £40.00

+ p&p

 Woollen Blanket

Recycled and ideal for making thick colourful proddy mats. Also suitable for hooking if cut finer. When available

  • 1 yard 36″x36′  £14.00 plus p&p
  • 1/2 yard  £7

 Woolly Bundles

Pack of 4 gorgeous hand dyed soft wool Swatches each one approx. 14″x16″, perfect for hooking, proddy or other textile projects.

Choose from:

  • 4 pack assorted colours £20
  • 4 pack = 4 pieces of one colour in different shade
    + p&p

Hand Dyed Wool Yarn

100% Hand dyed chunky yarn suitable for Punch Hooking and Hooking beautiful selection of fabulous colours  25 grms from £2, 50 grms from £4, 100 grms £8.  (please contact for colour selection). I can hand dye these colours but I also have a selection of multi coloured yarn.

Nylon Hosiery

Dyed hose suitable for hooking fine to wide cut. £2.50 per pack (minimum order 3 packs, p&p £4.30)

Hosiery Packs