Hooks – Prodders – Oxford Punch Needles

 All hooks and Prodders are Made in England

Choose the correct size hook for the style of work you will be doing. The most popular size for regular hooking is a medium. Wooden and steel ‘prodders’ are used to work proddy technique on a frame from the back, although it can be worked without a frame. Spring hooks are used for working proddy from the front.

  • Hooking technique ~ cut long strips of material 1/4’’ to 3/4’’ wide. Material is pulled through the foundation to make a series of loops.
  • Proddy technique (also known as Clippie, Peg or Proggy) ~ cut material from 2’’ to 3’’ long by 1/2” to 1’’ wide. When worked it gives a shaggy appearance.

Various Hooks

  • No.1 Fine ~ Hooks fine cut material or yarns £26
  • No.2 Medium ~ Hooks material from 1/4″ Steel hook or Brass £26
  • No.3 Large ~ Hooks material from 1/2″ Steel hook  or Brass £26
  • No.4 Bronze ~ Hooks fine to medium £26
  • No.5 Pencil Hook ~ Hooks fine to medium, Steel hook  or Brass £26
  • No.6 Wooden Prodder ~ £14
  • No.7 Steel Prodder ~ £26
  • No.8 Bent Hook ~ steel or  brass £26
  • No.9 Spring Hook for Proddy ~ £18

…plus p&p

Punch Hooking – The Oxford Punch Needle

Boxed with 32 page detailed instruction booklet and stitch gauge or Unboxed no instruction booklet

  • #8 Regular
  • #8 Fine
  • #9 Regular
  • #9 Fine
  • #10 Regular
  • #10 Fine
  • #13 Fine
  • #14 Fine
  •  Boxed £27 each +p&p
  • Unboxed £24 +p&p 

To making punching easy it is essential to  have your foundation very taut in a frame. You may find your gripper lap frame suitable if you have one. Or the Punch Gripper frames are ideal. It is best to punch into Monks Cloth the cotton foundation it is perfect for punching.  Regular hessian is not suitable the loops pop out and the threads can sometimes break very frustrating.   Linen is also suitable.

Punch Hooking works up very quickly and is ideal for using yarns and material. If you suffer with aching hands and wrists this is a great technique to use.  To get started you will need a Punch Hook,  Monks Cloth,  Punch Hooking Frame  (see frames)